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Confucius International CPA Limited

Confucius International CPA Limited is one of the member firms in Pan-China Certified Public Accountants (天健会计师事务所), being one of the largest and reputable domestic accounting firms in China.


Our strong affiliation with Pan-China Certified Public Accountants facilitates firm-wide global knowledge and resources sharing. Leveraged on the strong economic growth in China and the longstanding strategic position for Hong Kong being one of the world’s leading international financial center, enabled us to be the hub for cross border financial advisory and accountancy services, especially to support China’s outbound investments and facilitate inbound investments from all over the world.


Our vision is for the firm to be recognized for its excellence and brand reputation for delivering impeccable financial and accountancy service to our local and international clients. We strive to achieve this through delivery of innovative, practical, and customized business solutions for our clients to succeed in the ever-changing market conditions.


Our lines of service are also strategically aligned to industries to provide clients with more insightful, practical and effective advice. Focusing on growing businesses, we help our clients improve their profits, enhance their business value and chart their growth strategies for cross-border expansion.


Simply, our services begin with assessing your needs. Whether you are a start-up or an established enterprise looking to take the next step up, we are well equipped to assist you from ground level to the highest stratosphere of success.


Pan-China Certified Public Accountants

Pan-China Certified Public Accountants LLP, established by a group of senior CPAs in December 1983, is one of the largest accounting service providers in China. According to the list of top 100 firms published by CICPA in 2015, Pan-China ranked the third among the Chinese local firms. Pan-China’s international network, Pan-China International, ranked the 19th according to IAB


Pan-China has more than 35 years’ experience and professional capability to meet clients’ needs. Up to December 31, 2018, we have more than 5000 clients including A-share, B-share and H-share listed companies, large state-owned enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, etc. Currently we have more than 400 listed clients, and more than 400 New OTCBB clients, which make us one of the top firms in China serving most listed companies.


During our practice, we have been persistent with our commitment “To serve the country and society with professional expertise”. Our management and practicing teams have performed our best to create value for our clients with professional knowledge and excellent service spirit to excel together with our clients.


Based on expansion for diversification built upon our core business, we believe that the innovation, practical, and flexible business solutions, which we have been devoting ourselves into will support our clients to succeed in the ever-changing market conditions within the context of reform and development and maximize the value.


"Like the Sky to accord with its positiveness, the Elites strive incessantly to excel themselves". Pan-China professionals will observe to practice with adherence to standards and prudence, to serve with integrity, objectivity, fairness, and independence, insisting the atmosphere to base in China with Global vision, always keeping pace and to remain innovative. Pan-China has been navigating the exact orbit of standards compliance and knowledge advancement to become a world famous leading firm in China.